General rules for washing and care

- Wash knitwear should be washed in plenty of water, if possible separately.
Do not soak.

- Use detergents specifically designed for wool and delicate or PH-neutral fibers, without dyes.

- Dry the garment evenly and evenly. Do not expose the garment to direct sunlight during drying.

- Clothing left to dry should be well wrung out. Do not dry clothes on absorbent surfaces such as terry towels. In both cases, clothes may discolor or lose their natural elasticity.

- Remember that "heavy" garments such as English elastic or shawl knits may stretch during wear or as a result of washing.

Alpaca, mohair, silk and wool:

- With the exception of Superwash wool, we generally do not recommend machine washing as even a wool wash program can cause warping or, in the worst case, shrinkage of the item. Yarns containing silk can also become discolored.
- Hand wash at 30ºC.
- Completely dissolve the detergent before washing.
- Wash gently, do not rub too aggressively.
- Rinse thoroughly.
- Gently twist the garment by placing it on a pillowcase or wrapping it in a towel and wringing it out.
- Do not use a dryer for wool, the garment will shrink.
- Do not iron or fold damp or wet clothes. Do not iron or steam block silk.
- It is best to use a steam iron for steam styling. If using a conventional iron, place a damp cloth between the soleplate and the garment.

Cotton, linen and their blends:

- Machine wash at 30ºC. Washing at the wrong temperature may cause staining. In this case, wash again at the temperature indicated on the label. Always wash at the correct temperature!
- Do not use too much fabric softener.
- Choose a program with a long rinse.
- Cotton gives shrinkage when washed, so measure the garment before washing to make sure it has taken the correct shape after washing.
- Do not dry in the washing machine.

Wool Superwash:

- Wool subjected to the superwash process can be washed in the washing machine by selecting the program for delicate fabrics.
- Do not use softeners.

Merino wool:

- Merino wool can be washed at 30ºC, select the program for delicate fabrics.
- Use a small amount of detergent for wool (no enzymes or bleaching agents).
- DO NOT use fabric conditioners (the fibers will become too soft and the garment may stretch).
- Wash separately in plenty of water.
- Do not soak in water for long periods of time.
- Do not leave wet clothes in the washing machine for long periods of time.
- Do not hang to dry, instead place the item on a flat surface.